• Rider Osteopathy

    Rider Osteopathy

Assessment and treatment of the rider is as beneficial as treatment for the horse. The riders flexibility, strength and alignment are essential in smooth and effective riding because of the partnership between horse and rider; together they should be working in sync. Any imbalances or dysfunctions of the rider can impact upon the horse’s movement and therefore alter their performance.

Osteopathy can help detect any areas that may be restricted in movement which leads to compensation, and can eventually result in stiffness, inflammation and pain. These changes can affect your balance whilst riding and alter the ability or accuracy of aids. Treatment helps to resolve these dysfunctions to allow horse and rider to have a better balance and partnership which is vital in maximising performance.

Rider Clinics can be arranged.

Abby also works as an Associate at The Osteopathic Clinic based in Callow End, Worcestershire. For general Human appointments with Abby or for more information about what else Osteopathy can help with that isn’t horse or rider related please contact via the details below or click here for more information.

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