Equine Osteopathy

Most horses at some point become unbalanced, sustain injuries or are put under strain due to their training. The use of osteopathy can help decrease any patterns of dysfunction and also be used preventatively, to help decrease the likelihood of these compensations developing, which can be detrimental to the horse.

Osteopathic treatment helps to promote mobility, balance and flexibility of the horse to help optimise performance and improve overall wellbeing.

Equine Osteopathy can help with

  • Maintenance of a horses workload
  • Pain relief
  • Optimising Performance
  • Improving Recovery
  • Behavioural Issues
  • Reduces potential for injury
  • Stiffness in older horses
  • Injuries sustained from falls or training

Problems you may notice

  • Unexplained lameness
  • Change of habit or horse’s personality
  • Differences on each rein
  • Lack of willingness whilst schooling
  • Lack of ability in up and downwards transitions
  • Uneven muscle development
  • Uneven wearing of shoes or feet
  • Problems with head carriage
  • Change in behaviour – bucking, rearing, kicking, refusing to jump
  • Change or difficulty with head carriage
  • Gait problems: tracking up/ short stride
  • Poor Behaviour
  • Stiffness

Abby’s Philosophy to treatment

The onset of a problem or cause of dysfunction within the body is not always known, therefore a comprehensive assessment and treatment is paramount, ensuring we do our best to resolve any pain, dysfunctions or restrictions so animals can perform at their optimum level and improve their overall well-being.

Each treatment is tailored specifically for the patient, as every horse is unique. I work closely with farriers, vets, saddler’s and other therapists to ensure a truly horse centered approach to recovery and performance.

Abby Oliver Osteopathy provides osteopathic services for Livery and Professional yards, private horse owners and also riders.Whether you use your horse for Dressage, Eventing, Racing, Show jumping, Endurance, Polo or a leisurely hack we can help to keep your horse healthy and absent from pain or restrictions to help them reach their optimal ability.

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